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Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills Lost A Swan


Lisa Vanderpump, of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a Dancing with the Stars failure, has lost a swan. Yes. You read that correctly. She lost a swan. Because rich people have swans swimming in their outdoor fountains, and she lost one. TMZ brings us this “first world problem” story:

The “Real Housewives” star just took to Twitter to put out an APB on a baby bird that just went missing from her Bev Hills mansion.

“I know it’s what some people may call ‘a high class problem’ however,1 of my baby swans took off yesterday.”

“If anyone in Bh sees errant swan Please bring him back! He is only a few months old didn’t think he could fly yet Bring him back ..!!”

She included a picture of her swans — though it’s unclear which one is MIA … since they’re frickin’ swans and they look exactly the same. [LOL well put, TMZ.]

In all sincerity, I hope the swan is okay, because it’s just an innocent animal who doesn’t know he/she belongs to a halfwit. So all you 90210-ers, be on the lookout for a swan. Take pics and send them to us. Then get 6 more and you can have 7 swans a-swimming. Then let Ms. Vanderpump know where her damn swan is.

Good lord.

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  • I like how she is so “high class” that she can’t say the word “rich”…ugh, dah-ling, that would be so garish! Sounds like another “rich people problem”.

  • The swan isn’t lost it escaped word around the fountain is she eats the swans because she thinks they keep her young. Just look at her she’s needs to eat a bunch of them and soon.

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