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’80s Superstar Kelly LeBrock Arrested For DUI


Kelly LeBrock was it in the 1980’s. Or, so I’ve been told, I was a baby. But later, I watched Weird Science and I got it. She was just…so freaking hot. Like crazy-hot.


But even hot people screw up (hello, Hollywood) and Ms. LeBrock screwed up royally when she got arrested for drunk driving. From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us a CHP officer spotted LeBrock — who was married to Steven Seagal — driving erratically, weaving across the double yellow line, failing to stop at a stop sign, and driving over the 55 MPH speed limit.

The officer said there were signs of alcohol impairment, and gave her a field sobriety test … and LeBrock didn’t do so well. She was arrested and booked.

Prosecutors have the case. No charges have been filed … yet.

She joins random celebrity Christopher McDonald in DUI solidarity. They should get together with Dina Lohan and Reese Witherspoon’s husband to do celebrity rehab. I’d watch. Actually, I’d probably just say I would, and then not.

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