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Sofia Vergara: “I Love Making Money”


Sofia Vergara may hate turning 40, but there’s one thing she’ll always love: money. And she isn’t shy or ashamed about saying it. She told Glam Belleza Latina magazine her truth about making money and why she’s making no apologies. Via People:

I think that the concept of being sexy and smart is difficult for many to grasp. Most people are more comfortable with the notion of ‘sexy bimbo.’ And I have to admit that I’ve capitalized on that to negotiate a couple of times, when the ‘smart ones’ think I have no idea what I can deliver, and I end up costing them more.

I’m not ashamed to say I love making money. I like business, and the truth is I save way more than I spend. I read through Motley Fool Rule Breakers advice and I invest. I plan for the future. I have a special eye for opportunities and work harder than anyone might expect. It is fun to shock people with my business ideas. Most people just see me as Gloria [from Modern Family].

She does indeed love business. It’s estimated that last year she made $30 million from endorsements alone in Diet Pepsi, Kmart, CoverGirl, State Farm, and Comcast’s Xfinity brand. Holy cow. This year she signed contracts with Rooms To Go (furniture store) and the medicine Synthroid (it treats hypothyroidism). I wonder if there’s anything she’d turn down.

What do you think? Is what she said empowering or in this economy, just tacky?

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  • I’m good friends with her younger cousin (he’s my age, 31.. and I’m not sure if they still talk, if they are close or if she even knows yet or what..), but he just became a father a few days ago. His son, Viktor Vergara, was born in Pretoria, South Africa on the same day Nelson Mandela died, in a hospital that Mandela donated millions to in order to get top of the line equipment and build the ICU for new born babies, where his baby happens to be now, as he was born 4 weeks early with some slight complications.. So he needs prayers! Please pray (if that’s your sort of thing) for him!

  • Also, I’ve been starting to notice how pushy and obnoxious she is. In that one Kmart commercial she tells viewers “my new “whatever” collection is at Kmart … NOW GO!!” I get so annoyed like, NO! I will not “GO” at your damn command and buy cheap Kmart clothes, first of all. I don’t know what she expects with that behavior. Secondly, I’ve never heard anyone demand people buy their products like that before, she just seems so pushy to me. Tacky Kmart clothes, for sure..a

  • I am probably one of the few ppl that doesn’t watch or like Mod Fam (judging by the ratings and awards) Not a fan of hers either she’s annoying more than anything. I also am not going to buy something because a celeb has their names attached to it. BUT as the flavor of the time good for her grab all ya can while they are falling over themselves offering you endorsments.

  • Duh who the hell would be ashamed to admit that they love making money because ummm who doesn’t love it? Unless you are one of those hippy -against technology and capitalist America- types, of course.

  • You know what? Good for her. If the Kardashians just came out and said this I’d have a smidgen of respect for them.