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Keri Russell’s Home Burglary Sounds Terrifying


Keri Russell was robbed. Of a career! (Baddum-bum-tiss!) No but seriously, folks, she was robbed and it sounds terrifying. People snuck into her Brooklyn apartment while she was sleeping and stole her stuff. From People:

“The break-in did happen,” the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE. “Everyone is fine, and Keri sends her thanks to the police.”

A laptop, jewelry said to be earrings and a purse were taken around 3 a.m. Wednesday, reports the Associated Press. Although asleep at the time, Russell, 37, awoke to hear footsteps and voices in the apartment, then she called 911.

While Russell never saw the intruders, police said afterwards that she found a window and front door open and her items missing.

Nearby, a 70-year-old neighbor awoke to find a burglar inside and called 911 with a description, according to AP. After canvassing the area, reports New York’s Daily News, police found and arrested an alleged uncle-nephew cat burglar team, as well as recovered some of Russell’s stolen property.

Poor Ms. Russell. All she’s doing is chilling out, living her normal life, getting her stuff stolen in the dead of night while she’s inside the place. Does this not freak anyone else out?

Unrelated note: the older Keri Russell gets, the more I see Aunt Becky from Full House.

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  • My uncle lived in a housing development where a series of robberies happened. The burglars would drug everyone in the house, including the dogs, and then rob them while they were completely gone. It also happened to my mum’s friend, so this gang was acting all around our city. It was very scary.