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Keri Russell

More Bad News On The Keri Russell Front: She And Her Husband Separated


Which is scarier: a home invasion or a separation? Keri Russell experienced both. She and her husband, Shane Deary, are separating after almost 7 years of marriage, her rep told Us. Apparently it happened over the summer. The two were married on Valentine’s Day in 2007 and have 2 young children.

Bad week for Ms. Russell, although I suppose since they split over the summer she’s had some time to deal with it, whereas we’re hearing all of this now. And I know how hard it will be for Evil Beet readers to cope with this. You guys are constantly demanding Keri Russell news. It’s like, guys, let her live her life!

All tomfoolery aside, I hope things get better for her soon.

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Keri Russell’s Home Burglary Sounds Terrifying


Keri Russell was robbed. Of a career! (Baddum-bum-tiss!) No but seriously, folks, she was robbed and it sounds terrifying. People snuck into her Brooklyn apartment while she was sleeping and stole her stuff. From People:

“The break-in did happen,” the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE. “Everyone is fine, and Keri sends her thanks to the police.”

A laptop, jewelry said to be earrings and a purse were taken around 3 a.m. Wednesday, reports the Associated Press. Although asleep at the time, Russell, 37, awoke to hear footsteps and voices in the apartment, then she called 911.

While Russell never saw the intruders, police said afterwards that she found a window and front door open and her items missing.

Nearby, a 70-year-old neighbor awoke to find a burglar inside and called 911 with a description, according to AP. After canvassing the area, reports New York’s Daily News, police found and arrested an alleged uncle-nephew cat burglar team, as well as recovered some of Russell’s stolen property.

Poor Ms. Russell. All she’s doing is chilling out, living her normal life, getting her stuff stolen in the dead of night while she’s inside the place. Does this not freak anyone else out?

Unrelated note: the older Keri Russell gets, the more I see Aunt Becky from Full House.

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Keri Russell Thinks Real Life Is Kinda Just As Good As Being Famous

Ah, Keri Russell – another actress who seems relatively mediocre yet charmingly… charming and could stand being in more films/TV shows. I mean, Felicity (girl, that hair!) was over in 2002 and the amazingness that was Waitress came out long enough ago that it’s been syndicated on network TV (2007, IMDB tells me), so what’s the deal? Well, it’s simple: she kinda doesn’t care all that much about being famous and thinks having kids and a partner – and, you know, a normal life – are pretty swell, too.

From Parade:

“I like working hard, but my life outside of my career is equally important to me. Maybe I’m not ambitious enough, but I’m just as interested in my friends and my relationship with my family.”

She and husband Shane Deary have two kids together – a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old – and Russell credits motherhood with gifting her with a strong grip on reality:

“You instantly become less selfish. You can’t be the biggest person in the world anymore—they are. It really grounds you.”

I think it’s kind of bullshit when people act like you need to have kids in order to get your head out of your own ass, but I suppose we’re all on our own paths in life. Namaste… or whatever.

Keri Russell in Details Magazine

Not bad, but I liked it better when it was called Fiona Apple.

Does this mean Keri will get really, really wasted at the VMAs next year and go up on stage and be all like “This world is bullshit. And you shouldn’t model your life — wait a second — you shouldn’t model your life about what you think that we think is cool and what we’re wearing and what we’re saying and everything. Go with yourself. Go with yourself” and then stumble off?*


Then I don’t care.

Oh, and the pic where she’s wearing the big black hat?

Total nipple peekage.

* How the fuck is that clip not on YouTube? Life is totes unfair.

Update: Evil Beet readers rock!!! Thanks Natalie for sending this! The fun starts around the 2 minute mark.