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David Blaine Pulled a Lizard Out of Katy Perry’s Purse

david blaine katy perry

Well, no, he actually pulled the lizard out from under the table, hence the reason he sat down in a chair and set the bag on the table so that you couldn’t see him pick the lizard up… but whatever! David Blaine is super magical! He can make lizards appear and eat drinking glasses! I don’t know that Katy was actually convinced, but she couldn’t really tell him to fuck off and get out when it was being filmed as part of Blaine’s new TV special, now could he?

Apparently he filmed “encounters” with various celebrities for this special, including Kanye West, Ricky Gervais, Olivia Wilde, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and President George W Bush for David Blaine: Real or Magic, which is on ABC tonight. LOL, I wanna watch just for Kanye – I can see him going absolutely mental on Blaine. Also, George W Bush will probably be mesmerized.

David Blaine is pretty much THE WORST “magician” and is corny as shit, but I might actually watch this for the LOLZ.

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