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Meryl Streep Has Been Approached for the Susan Boyle Biopic

susan boyle

Please hold your laughter, but apparently Meryl Streep has been approached to play Susan Boyle in an upcoming biopic about the singer. This, according to Susan herself, who admitted that she has no desire to be in a movie about herself but would love to have someone else play her. WHO IS GOING TO WATCH THIS MOVIE?

From Metro:

SuBo revealed the casting call as she checked in on Guilty Pleasures to insist she holds on to her old suburban life in the hope that she won’t be taken advantage of in Simon Cowell’s fame game.

‘I wouldn’t like to be in the film myself,’ the Scottish spinster said of the film project.

‘I’d like someone to play me. Probably Meryl Streep – I understand she has been approached.’

Aw, man, the press is so awful to SuBo – “the Scottish spinster”? Dear me. Maybe she doesn’t want to find anyone! Maybe she likes living on her own! Anyway, that’s neither here nor there – the point is, I don’t think Meryl Streep is gonna take on this role… though we all know she would kill it (and I would watch it) if she did. I can sort of imagine it now!

Meryl, pick up the phone, girl!

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