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Russell Brand Not Allowed In South Africa

russell brand

Russell Brand? More like Russell Banned. Russell Brand is banned from entering South Africa, and he isn’t sure why. Some people think we ban him here at Evil Beet, but that’s totally not true — check out this Russell Brand appreciation post. So, we’re very sorry that Russell Brand can’t do his Rusell Brand thing in South Africa. There’s not a lot of details yet. Here’s what TMZ has:

Brand tweeted about the ban today saying his people thought things had been worked out with S.A. officials … but when Russell landed, airport staff said he couldn’t stay.

It’s unclear why he’s not allowed in South Africa … but the “Get Him to the Greek” star claimed the same thing happened to him in Canada back in ’11.

Oh man, Russell, what have you been up to?

P.S. Russell Brand.

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