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Is David Beckham Getting Knighted?

Every year in merry ol’ England, the Queen does her New Year’s Honours in which she bestows knighthoods and similar awards upon noteworthy individuals, and apparently David Beckham‘s been tipped as one of the fine citizens to be knighted for 2014 due to his contributions to the world of sports and charity.

Here’s my question: is there a minimum of people that have to receive KBEs/DBEs every year? What if no one really deserves it one year – do they just sorta find whoever so that the Honours can take place? Because, I mean… David Beckham? In a way I’m not totally against it – he is a massive star who’s found worldwide success and has done quite a lot for charity over the years. I just also think that’s what you SHOULD do when you have a lot: give to those who don’t. That’s normal.

Here are some other people who have received knighthoods over the years:

  • Elton John
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Sean Connery
  • Judi Dench

I mean, there are tons, really, so I guess it doesn’t mean all that much. I want a DBE! I better get working on that…

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