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David Beckham Vows That His Kids Will Grow Up “Normal”

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David and Victoria Beckham might be two of the richest people on God’s green earth, but that doesn’t mean that their kids have to grow up to be assholes. At least not according to David, who swears that regardless of the family’s status as close to English royalty, their three sons and daughter will have a “normal” life. Uh, okay, sure, let’s go with that.

From CNN:

“My eldest now is at the age where he wants to do things and he wants to go places and you have to hold him back, or we have to hold him back.”

“You have to explain it to him that there are certain things that he can’t do. But to be honest, with our children, we let them do 99% of the things they want to do because we want them to lead a normal life.”

What if one of the things they want to do is like, rent out a zoo for a day and ride on the back of a cheetah through a makeshift safari? That’s not particularly normal, but I figure money could probably buy something that ridiculous if it came down to it.

Listen, there’s no way these kids are ever going to have a “normal” life. Their mother is a narcissistic fashion icon who’s smiling muscles have been broken since 1997 and their father is a world famous footballer who makes more money in a day than I will this year and next put together, probably. But I guess it’s a nice thought.

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