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6Quotables: Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga had a “Town Hall” discussion at Sirius XM Radio and said the following (via The Hollywood Reporter),

I am the artist and culture doesn’t cue me. I cue culture.

Thoughts? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t cue culture, but I will hand it to her that after her a lot of pop stars starting dressing a little crazier, so there’s that…?

More photos from the event below. I think she looks so much like Brittany Murphy it’s ridic.

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November 9, 2013 at 2:00 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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6 Responses to “Quotables: Lady Gaga”

  1. pik nik says:

    thoughts? cocaine. that is all.

  2. gee_gee says:

    I can’t disagree about the coke. I was thinking “what the hell did she do to her face”. But to each his own.

  3. Hmmmm says:

    Hasn’t Kylie been dressing up for year though? Well and Madonna. You could even argue La Belle and Cher before that. True the newer crops of female singers started perhaps not because she inspired them but because it became an option or an new way to call attention to themselves, but Gaga didn’t invent the wheel. On the male flipside, Pet Shop Boys were known for their costumes years ahead of her and David Bowie as well. Gaga gets away with this stuff because pop culture sometimes has short term memory and take her at her word.

  4. Hmmmm says:

    I forgot… Kate Bush too!

  5. kimcheee says:

    She thinks that she cues culture? Delusions of Grandeur?! Trust me, Culture doesn’t give a f*ck about her.

  6. Mindy says:

    Think this every time she opens her mouth:

    “Yes. You’re very smart. Shut up.”
    - the gandpa (Peter Falk) in the Princess Bride

    Seriously…. I’ve been thinking this to myself every time I read more of her verbal diarrhea. It makes it all better.

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