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Lady GaGa Is Depressed Now That ‘ARTPOP’ Is Finished

lady gaga

Not as depressed as I am listening to that malarkey, but Lady GaGa is really having some feelings about ARTPOP’s completion (I totally typed “ARTPOO” at first and should’ve left it that way). I tried, I really did. That ‘Jewels & Drugs’ song is fucking hilarious. The rest of it is like the diary of an escaped mental patient expressed on a musical palette. It’s just insane. Maybe I just don’t “get” the idea of “reversed Warhol”.

Thank God.

In any case, now that all is said and done and the album is out there for human consumption, GaGa is feeling slightly emotional about it all and is a bit down in the dumps, as she told O2:

“I’m depressed after making this album. I feel empty and sad. I’m no longer the creator, I’m the performer.”

Um… okay? Yes, you are the performer of the music you created. That’s the whole concept of your career, girl. Are you just now realizing this?

My problem with GaGa now is that somewhere along the way, she started overthinking shit to the point where it now makes NO sense whatsoever. Everything doesn’t have to be avant garde. Everything doesn’t have to have some outlandish meaning assigned to it, and I find it hard to believe that she lives her “normal” life – if she still has one of those left – with her actual non-showbiz friends (again, if she has any left) in this bubble of “I’m gonna be as crazy as I can!!!” It’s just not sustainable… but maybe that’s why she does so many drugs.

Either way, I have disembarked from the Lady GaGa train and I’m done with this fuckery.

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  • I agree and I disagree. Totally with you on the “everything being avant garde”, most of this album is frankly unlistenable because a lot of it is just weird. There are some great songs though .. I like Swine, Aura, Gypsy and Venus. Although Aura is kind of Judas-esque. Almost Aura-Aura ah ah. I do think she needs to come back down to earth. I love crazy but some of it is just way crazy.