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Lady GaGa’s ‘ARTPOP’ Is Like Reverse Warhol Or Something

lady gaga

Lady GaGa‘s new album, ARTPOP, leaked online last week. I downloaded it because I’m a masochist, which is why I’m even writing up this story. The Lady herself did a sit-down interview with The Daily Mail in which she rambled on about the artistic significance of the record and started calling it the reverse of Andy Warhol and a bunch of other garbage.

Here, let’s let her speak for herself:

“Well I’d define it in lots of different ways. On the album I say, ‘We could belong together ARTPOP‘, so in the simplest way I would say the dream of these two things belonging, art and pop together but with art in the front.

“We sort of like to say if we can belong together you and I, or me and my fans – if we can belong together in this room and make love then maybe our dream of these two things – art and pop – belonging together, maybe that could come true.”

“So the intention of the album was to put art culture into pop music, a reverse of Warhol. Instead of putting pop onto the canvas, we wanted to put the art onto the soup can.”

ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… What is she even talking about anymore? Seriously? Making love with her fans in a soup can? I just… no. Make it stop immediately.

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