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Don’t Worry, Eminem Doesn’t Really Hate Gay and Trans People!


He just raps about them in really derogatory ways because HELLO, that’s his choice as an artist. If you don’t get that, then you’re clearly not clued in on what it means to be good at art… or something. Sure, Eminem might use the word faggot a bit gratuitously, but he doesn’t mean anything by it!

From Rolling Stone:

You’ve made it clear again and again that you don’t actually have a problem with gay people. So why, in 2013, use “faggot” on that song? Why use “gay-looking” as an insult?
I don’t know how to say this without saying it how I’ve said it a million times. But that word, those kind of words, when I came up battle-rappin’ or whatever, I never really equated those words?.?.?.

To actually mean “homosexual”?
Yeah. It was more like calling someone a bitch or a punk or asshole. So that word was just thrown around so freely back then. It goes back to that battle, back and forth in my head, of wanting to feel free to say what I want to say, and then [worrying about] what may or may not affect people. And, not saying it’s wrong or it’s right, but at this point in my career – man, I say so much shit that’s tongue-in-cheek. I poke fun at other people, myself. But the real me sitting here right now talking to you has no issues with gay, straight, transgender, at all. I’m glad we live in a time where it’s really starting to feel like people can live their lives and express themselves. And I don’t know how else to say this, I still look at myself the same way that I did when I was battling and broke.

Huh. I personally don’t give a shit one way or another about this matter because he’s been doing it for years. Do I think it needs to change? Of course I do – it’s disgusting that that word – however it’s “meant” – is used so flippantly when it’s also fuel for a ton of hate. However, he hasn’t stopped in the past 15 years and he’s not going to now, no matter how many times an interviewer asks him about it, so whatever.

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