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Rihanna’s Naked Again – This Time With Snakes!

rihanna gq 2

You have to hand it to Rihanna for her consistency, if nothing else. Homegirl just loves being naked. She also loves to get people talking, and she’s hoping to do it again with her new shoot for GQ, in which she appears naked… with real live snakes! Mon dieu!

The last thing I want is a snake around my neck, dead or alive, that’s for sure, but Rihanna probably thinks it makes her edgier, so let’s just all try and support this bullshit. I do think it’s a nice idea for a photo shoot, I suppose – it’s very different, a little Medusa-esque, the weird contacts are cool… Good stuff, right?

I think the most surprising photo shoot we’ll ever see from Rihanna is one in which the girl has clothes on, though. I mean, damn.

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