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Rihanna Got Asked to Leave That Mosque After Her Photo Shoot…

rihanna abu dhabi

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to raise an eyebrow at Rihanna‘s Abu Dhabi mosque photo shoot! While RiRi herself saw no problem posing for umpteen pictures wearing the hijab that’s mandatory for female visitors, others did and she was apparently asked to leave right after. Turns out she wasn’t even in a public area of the mosque – she was in a place that’s prohibited to visitors. Disrespect all around!

From Time:

Authorities asked Rihanna to leave the site of a mosque in Abu Dhabi after she posted photographs of herself posing in areas of the mosque that are off-limit to visitors on Saturday. The Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center issued a statement on Sunday saying that while it’s open to visitors of all faiths and allows pictures, the superstar’s photos were inappropriate, violated the “sanctity” of the mosque and disrespected the religious nature of the location, reports Gulf News.

The photos, which depicted the singer posing in front of the mosque in an all-black hooded outfit, were posted to her Instagram account. Rihanna commented on the picture of her looking at a group of women wearing head scarves and full body garments, “Bitch stole my look.” Another picture shows her lounging in the sun with the comment “#NoTanLines.”

Oh dear. Of course, Rihanna will never learn and won’t have cared, anyway. She’s already over in Greece doing photo shoots. Nothing offensive here besides her narcissism.


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  • Rihanna can do no wrong! She’s hotttttt as hell and no one can stop her. Why should she care anyway??? She has no ill intentions. She’s on tour, WORKING and showing off her beautiful surroundings. Islam is an oppressive religion anyway. If I saw a pretty building and had a killer outfit on, I’d be snapping my camera away too. They wanna kick me off the property for trespassing? So be it, my photo shoot is done. I got what I needed. lol Now let’s move on so something actually offensive….

    • “Islam is an oppressive religion.”

      Mhm. Just like the other two Abrahamic religions. Or any major religion, for that matter.

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