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Oh Look, Harry Styles Got Another Ugly Tattoo

harry styles

One would assume that, given access to a fair bit of money, you would probably choose to work with the very best tattoo artists on any body art you had done to create elaborate, impressive pieces, right? That’s a fair assumption? Well then what the fuck is wrong with people like Justin Bieber and in this case, Harry Styles, who continue to get tattoos that look like they were done by a life sentence prisoner with an old Bic hooked up to a battery?

Harry Styles got a new skull tattoo on his “bicep” (if you could call it that – the arm looks like it belongs to a 6-year-old) that is just hideous, like the rest of his work. I don’t expect men to get bright, colourful artwork across their body, but this is just taking the piss. I’m not sure what the story behind it is (if there even is one) or if Harry just thought it looked “bad ass” or something, but it needs to go, far far away.

harry styles tattoo

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  • Not all tattoos are meant to be shown off.. Some people want small meaningful things. Nothing wrong with that at all. I had Mario Barth do small pieces on me and he is considered one of the top five artists in the world (he’s tattooed Kid Rock, Tommy Lee etc..) bc his second shop is in the next town over from me in NJ. I’ve got a couple of big tattoos and a bunch of small meaningful ones, most of which I can hide. I don’t give a fuck what people think of them.. How they look, what they mean or how impressive they think they are bc I didn’t get them for them, I got them for me. I have a small stack of books with a candle and a skull on top of them which I stole from the “Nightmare Library” section that used to be in the top horror film magazine “Fangoria”. It’s small and Halloweenish and I love it. I don’t get the criticism of small tattoos that are done well.. it’s not like it looks like shit…