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Harry Styles From One Direction Has Thoughts on Twerking

harry styles

I don’t think anyone really looks to Harry Styles from One Direction for thoughts on anything besides, maybe, Taylor Swift songs or his love of cougars. He’s pretty harmless, but there’s not much going on behind appearances, I don’t think. In any case, Harry has now shared his thoughts on, what else, TWERKING. Oh, brother.

From Moviefone:

“I think it’s quite inappropriate,” Styles told Moviefone. “Especially for the age groups that it’s aimed at.”

When we followed up on that question by asking the guys if they’re concerned about the sometimes very young age of their fans, Styles chimed in again. “When they’re twerking, yes,” he added. “I think it’s, you know, promoting promiscuity.”

I don’t think “promiscuity” is what you need to be worrying about with twerking. How about the fact that a bunch of white girls think it’s funny to pretend they’re black and “ghetto” by doing it without realising how fucking ignorant they are? I dunno, that’s slightly more concerning to me.

Also LOL on Harry Styles talking about promiscuity considering he was having sex with every woman going when he was still a young teen. Ugh, these kids.

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  • Why can’t I pretend I’m black? Is there something wrong with being black? Or ghetto? Why are you associated “ghetto” with black people?

    • There’s a reason why “ghetto” is in quotes. That term has been appropriated by middle and upper class white kids for the past 20 years at least as a synonym for “cool” or, as Miley would describe it, “urban”. *I* don’t associate black people with being “ghetto”, clearly – if you read back half of the shit I’ve said on this site alone, you’d be able to see that – but Miley does, and she finds that to be desirable.

      But thanks for totally not getting it, person who is clearly white (since you feel the need to question why you can’t “pretend” to be black). You can’t pretend to be black because it’s not a costume you can wear and then throw off when it’s inconvenient and you have to deal with the shit that ACTUAL black people have to put up with every day and are unable to escape. Think about it. Lord.

  • So who, exactly, can participate in twerking? Is it limited to black women who grew up in the ghetto? What about white women who grew up in the ghetto surrounded by the “ratchet” subculture? Are middle to upper class black women allowed to join in simply because they are black, even though it is highly unlikely that they were ever exposed to the subculture first hand? Does black equal ghetto?