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Hilary Duff Wears Thigh High Boots To Run Errands

hilary duff thigh high boots

Hilary Duff will not be ignored, damnit. She was photographed running errands in Los Angeles while wearing thigh high boots (above). I love me some tall boots, but I do wonder if they’re daytime appropriate. I think with the right outfit it can be killer, no matter the time of day. But with this…I don’t know.

Then again, what else does she have going on? I’m not saying that to be mean, I’m saying that out of honesty. She’s really not doing a whole lot aside from raising her kid and possibly getting lip injections. So I guess let her throw on some boots and hit the town.

What do you think though: are thigh high boots totally daytime inappropriate or do you think they work here?

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  • I have more of a problem with the pattern on her skirt. It is hideous. The boots are the least of it; her legs look fabulous.