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Dude From “The Office” Arrested For Weed And Ectsasy

craig robinson the office

Craig Robinson from The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine, and This Is The End is one lucky bastard. He was caught trying to enter the Bahamas with a lot of weed and even more ecstasy tablets and he played the “whoops I didn’t know that was illegal” card and got off with only a $1,000 fine instead of 4 years in prison, according to TMZ. They report he had, “half a gram of marijuana and 18 ecstasy pills” and that he, “told the court he brought the drugs from the U.S. and simply didn’t know they were outlawed in the Bahamas.” LOL what? They BOUGHT that? Yeah, they did. They took his drugs and told him to get the f-ck out, fined him $1,000 and that was “the end” of it.

Goddamn it’s awesome to be a celebrity!

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