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Someone thinks BJ Novak From ‘The Office’ Has A Million Bucks’ Worth of Shit To Say

bj novak

If you read the name and thought, “Huh? BJ who?”, well look no further. It’s that guy, up there, from The Office. Awwww, yeah – who doesn’t love Ryan the Intern? (I didn’t, really.) In any case, he must have a whole lot to say as he’s just inked a two book deal worth a cool seven figures. WHAT? It must be vampire porn, because publishers don’t hand that type of money out anymore otherwise, right? How is this even a thing?

From The New York Times:

The comedian, actor and writer B.J. Novak has sold two books to Knopf in a seven-figure deal. The first book, a work of fiction, is expected to be published in 2014, Nicholas Latimer, a spokesman for Knopf, said Thursday.

Richard Abate, Mr. Novak’s literary agent, said Mr. Novak, a writer for “The Office” and one of the show’s stars, wrote the book in the last year.

“The closest analogy for me is Woody Allen,” said Mr. Abate, who described the book as a collection of stories. “Underneath these stories is a real intellectual curiosity. I think their appeal is that they’re incredibly accessible and comic, but at the same time they’re exploring the modern condition.”

Oooookay, listen. One Woody Allen is more than enough, fine sir. We don’t need another one – though I doubt his work is anything like Woody Allen’s (unless it’s purposely trying to be, which would just be bad anyway). I used to get excited for all these comedy writers to release books and then I’ve found them all to be a massive disappointment. Tina Fey‘s was boring and underwhelming (sorry, but it’s true), Mindy Kaling‘s I couldn’t even get through. Looks like this will be another I pass on.

What’s Happening to The Office?

I absolutely love The Office. It will always be very close to my heart. That being said, I did stop watching after Michael left. Well, to be fair, I think I did watch an episode or two after that, and a couple of months ago, I did watch half of the last season finale, but that’s about it. I jsut couldn’t do it. The Office without Steve Carell is like … well, I don’t know what it’s like, because I didn’t really watch it. Is it all right?

But listen. As much as the show changed when Michael left, it looks like it’s about to undergo a pretty massive overhaul. Like, a huge, huge change. They’re actually calling it The Office 2.0.

From Deadline:

NBC’s The Office went through a major transformation at the beginning of this season, following the departure of original star Steve Carell. But I hear the show, which has not been officially renewed, may undergo an even more dramatic change going into next fall. Word is thatThe Office executive producer Greg Daniels, who originally developed the American version of the cult British comedy, is mulling a reboot of the series, now in its eighth season. Daniels is expected to meet with NBC brass to lay out his idea for The Office 2.0, which I hear would feature existing characters as well as new ones.

As for The Office key original cast members John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and B.J. Novak, whose contracts are up at the end of this season, as well as that of Ed Helms, there hasn’t been a lot of movement in the negotiations over the past few weeks, following an early overture by the network around the time The Office spinoff starring Rainn Wilson came together. There are a number of major outstanding questions, including the number of episodes the stars would sign for. Helms has The Hangover threequel and Krasinski is eying a possible January movie shoot, so potential new deals for them will likely accommodate that the way House accommodated Olivia Wilde when her feature career took off.

Also unclear is how long The Office would keep going. I hear the main cast may want next season to be last while NBC is leaning towards not closing the door to one additional season. I hear no major decisions will be made until NBC brass review their crop of pilots for next season.

Basically, no. This sounds like a horrible plan. I love this show, but I think it’s time to let it go.

What do you guys think? Does The Office still have a few good seasons left in it, or is it over? Are you going to watch Rainn Wilson’s spin-off? Hey, remember that time that Michael was using the GPS and drove into a lake?

The Office: Afghanistan Style!

Good morning, friends! While you’re sipping on that coffee and eating your bagels and listening to birds or whatever it is you people who normally function at this hour do, I’ll just be watching this little trailer for The Ministry, Afghanistan’s answer to the magic of The Office. I’ll just be cooing over Afghanistan Steve Carell and hoping he doesn’t break Afghanistan hearts by leaving them. Yeah, that’s where I’ll be.