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Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage Named Best Actors In The World

nicole kidman best actress in the world jackie chan

Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage are awesome actors, obviously. But did you know they are the BEST ACTORS IN THE WORLD? You do now. China’s Huading Awards named them best actress and best actor. HERE’S MORE INFO! Via USA Today:

Other global winners included Quentin Tarantino, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Dockery and Matthew Perry [for Best Global Actor In A TV Series].

According to Variety, the event was founded by Global Talents Media and “is held several times per year in order to honor personalities and achievements in the sports and entertainment field.”

It will be aired on Chinese television, with the potential to reach more than 800 million people.

The Associated Press was on the scene, interviewing celebs as they walked the red carpet.

Nicole Kidman arrived wearing Prada and walked with Jackie Chan (above).

AHAHA WHAT. Okay, whatever. You go, China!

So here’s our question for you: who do YOU think is the best actor and actress in the WORLD? Christian Bale? Tilda Swinton? Holla!

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  • I live in China and it’s like, not random at all for here. Like, Avril Lavigne is HUGE round these parts and the Backstreet Boys and Westlife never made a comeback because they never actually left. China is stuck in this weird place where the Western culture they get is both super current and also stuck in some weird late-90s loop.

    • China, wtf? Since when? You’re right about China though. Last time I was there all the hipsters were looking like “Pony-boy” from the outsiders. Asia seems to suffer from multiple identities at times. I was in the PI at a New Years party, the elite of Cebu were playing musical chairs, & it was the hottest ticket in town. Weirdorama….