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Did Charlize Theron Get Spinal Surgery?

charlize theron

Apparently Charlize Theron fucked up her spine back in 2005 on the set of Aeon Flux, and she’s been suffering from it for the past 7 years. Word on the street is that it got pretty bad lately and she finally decided to undergo surgery to correct it.

From US Weekly:

“Charlize got injured on a set and broke a vertebrae years ago,” an insider tells Us. “It’s been bothering her a lot lately so she had surgery to correct it and they had to go through her neck.” The injury occurred when something hit her head, the source added.

The stunning blonde has kept mum about the ordeal so far, but recently made a calculated decision to keep it hidden. While attending Variety’s 5th Annual Power of Women event in Beverly Hills on Friday, Oct. 4, the Huntsman actress sported a white neck scarf to match her short Stella McCartney dress as to not draw any attention to her bandage.

“She’s got a small Band-Aid on her neck,” a second source added about her appearance. “She kept fussing with the white scarf. She [was] wearing to cover it, but it was poking out and visible.”

Well, I feel like we’re making some leaps here (and that the “source”, as per usual, is full of shit). I mean, what would be the point of trying to hide something like that? It’s not like she had vaginal rejuvination or something and didn’t want anyone to know (but hell, some stars would scream that from the rooftops, as well). There’s very little info to go on here, and the assumption that she made a “calculated decision” to keep her surgery hidden is kinda laughable. Who knows.

Either way, loving that haircut on her. Not many could pull it off, that’s for sure.

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