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Charlize Theron’s Thinking About Releasing Her Own Line of Jeans

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Everybody knows how well Charlize Theron wears clothes, but now the A-list clotheshorse wants to make them too.

THR has learned that she and stylist Leslie Fremar are shopping the idea for a Theron Jeans line with denim brands, which would be sold in mass-market stores. Now, with celebrity stylists making all kinds of clothing deals — Kate Young with Target, Jeanne Yang’s Holmes & Yang co-designed with Katie Holmes — it makes a lot of sense.

I’m not entirely opposed to this idea, especially if it makes my ass look like Charlize Theron‘s. That’s how these things work, right? You wear something that a celebrity put their name on and you suddenly become exactly like them, yeah?

There’s not much to say about this – Charlize Theron might put out some jeans. She dresses well and we know she’s a pretty cool lady, so it might actually be pretty good. Here’s a confession: when Sarah Jessica Parker put out that line of clothes with Steve and Barry’s a few years ago, I definitely grabbed about 10 pair of her $15 jeans and guess when I last wore them? Yesterday. I FEEL NO SHAME!

Here’s a gallery of Charlize Theron wearing jeans, just because, you know, why not?

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