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Sarah Michelle Gellar Got A Peculiar Injury While Giving Birth

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is so wonderfully harmless. She takes on various projects, understanding that she’ll probably be known as Buffy forever, and she’s totally fine with that. Unfortunately, giving birth was not a harmless process for her. She injured herself in a rather peculiar way. It sounds horribly painful. Here’s what she told Letterman on his show, via Zimbio:

I think I yelled so loud that I actually fractured my jaw. True story, I had to have surgery afterwards… from biting down.

Holy mother of GOD. Does that happen?? I’ve heard of injuries that one can get while giving birth but this one is new to me. Anyone have this happen? Or something worse? You ladies are goddamn warriors.

SMG has a new sitcom, The Crazy Ones, with Robin Williams. Anyone watching it? How is it?

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  • And this is why I’m having birth counselling… If I could have this baby walk himself out if be happy!!!

  • This sounds ridiculous. The doctor broke my mother’s tailbone when he was delivering my brother. Fracturing your jaw? How do you break your own jaw?

  • I had natural childbirth (BIG mistake) and I pushed so hard that I gave myself nerve damage…the whole outside of my left thigh? Completely numb. My only son is 24 years old and I STILL can’t feel that part of my leg. A fractured jaw? I can totally believe it.