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Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Totally Game for a ‘Buffy’ Movie

sarah michelle gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar has never had such a career high as she did during Buffy, The Vampire Slayer – the show was massive and still has a profound cultural relevance, if my Tumblr dashboard is anything to go by. Since lots of other long-gone shows are getting movies these days, SMG has piped up, saying she’d definitely do a Buffy movie if anyone wanted to put one together that actually worked well, hint hint.

From E! Online:

“Joss and I always talk about [a movie],” Gellar told me during an interview for E! News. “But the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film. And I mean, we had such miles to overcome when we were trying to do a TV show based on a movie. And one of the reasons is that the story works better over time.”

And now here comes the tiny sliver: “If there was ever the right story, we would do it.”

So there you have it. Do you think they should do a Buffy movie or let sleeping dogs lie? I was never a massive fan of the show, though I do remember crying my eyes out when she had to send Angel through that vortex thingy and then I stopped watching. Then I watched again when they did ‘Hush’ and that is one of the only episodes of TV that ever creeped me out. That’s about my entire connection to that show.

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  • everyone is way to old for a buffy movie, i mean what so spike got old? that would be weird since hes supposed to be a vampire

    • Haha! She says the original film didn’t work, yet hers would even though they would be aged vampires! We all know that vampires are immortal, therefore they can not age. What a dumb bitch..

  • Did she say that it didn’t work as a film, LOL!? Whhaat!? First of all, her show sucked mega ass. Second of all, there wouldn’t have been a tv show had the film not done well enough to garner one. And where did she get her info from? Everyone I know who has seen the film says it’s good. I remember loving it as a kid, and I showed it to my niece and younger cousin recently, who LOVE it. So much so, that my niece wants to be Buffy for Halloween this year.

    The show is stupid as hell, Angel and demons and witches and all kinds of dumb shit. So you know a film based on the tv series would blow equally. I can’t even begin to believe that she dissed the original film by saying it “didn’t work”. Umm clearly it did, retard. Worked so well you even got a tv show spon off! Also, they “had miles to overcome and one of the reasons is because the story works better over time”? Huh? What does that even mean? Please, shut this bitch up and refuse to see this rip off film if it ever comes to be. The original Buffy film is awesome.