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I’m a Little Worried About Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry – you all know this by now. I was pretty excited to hear she was closing out the iTunes Festival on Monday night, so I tuned in looking forward to seeing her live after several years’ hiatus. However, she seemed… not herself throughout the show and either slightly distracted or maybe just sad. Like, a deeper, “my sex addict ex-husband ruined my life” kind of sadness. She only stayed on stage for 45 minutes (most shows averaged between 75 – 90 mins) and it seems like she wished it was 0 minutes. What’s going on, boo? :(

One of the highlights of the set was Katy’s premiere of a ballad from Prism called ‘By The Grace of God’, a really sad number about how she felt like she wasn’t good enough and everything was her fault and oh man, it’s pretty heartbreaking. It’s a pretty good track – she co-wrote it with Greg Wells – and a definite winner for her, just really sad.

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