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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Has Some Creepy New Opening Credits

I don’t watch American Horror Story because… I don’t know, because I never have time and it never struck me as all that interesting because I can’t stand Ryan Murphy. However, I have heard it’s good and the new opening credits for the series has sorta piqued my interest.

Apparently the third season is set in the present day and in the 1860s and will deal with themes including witchcraft, voodoo and witch trials. There will be 13 episodes, the first of which will premiere on FX on October 9.

Do you watch American Horror Story? Should I join the club?

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  • The first season was seriously fan-fucking-tastic. Probably one of the best shows I’ve seen. The second season was “meh.” Hopefully the third will come back strong.

    Also, I have a super strange girl crush on Jessica Lange.

  • Yes, everyone should definitely give American Horror Story a try. The writers really push the boundaries on what creepy and outrageous stuff they can show on cable tv. Murphy does an excellent job, please give him another chance. He is so much more than just Glee.

  • Really? I got about halfway through the first season and I thought it was terrible. Contrived and trying far too hard. The pilot was the worst. They tried to cram *everything* into the first episode. I’ve heard it’s gotten better though.

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