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Dick Van Dyke Could Have Been James Bond


So, apparently back in the day, Dick Van Dyke was offered the role of James Bond and would have replaced Sean Connery in the franchise. Well, that would’ve been a different world. I kind of can’t see it, to be honest, but Dick told Kevin Pollack that’s what happened, so I guess we’ll believe it.

In any case, the whole plan went to shit when Dick reminded Bond producer Albert R ‘Cubby’ Broccoli of his laughably horrendous English accent, to which Broccoli apparently replied, “Oh, that’s right – forget it!” LOL. Yeah, that would not have been very good – but I do love him in Mary Poppins!

As for Dick’s thoughts on Daniel Craig as James Bond, he doesn’t think he’s doing a great job, saying: “For some reason he lacks the panache to be Bond, to me.” He did at least throw Daniel a bit of a bone, claiming that he’s a good actor with “great physicality”. I kind of agree with Dick, though – Daniel Craig just doesn’t carry it off, I don’t think. How about you?

Would you have liked to see Dick Van Dyke as James Bond?  I doubt anyone will answer, “Yes! Definitely!” but who knows. It takes all kinds. I don’t think anyone will ever top Connery, though.