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Some Dude Attacked Justin Bieber At A Nightclub

justin bieber attack

Justin Bieber is not the most beloved celeb in the world right now and I guess someone decided he’s had enough of that darn kid. Mr. Beeby Beebs was randomly attacked at a nightclub in Canada. Because it was in Canada, I’m guessing his attacker opened with, “I’m so sorry, but I’m gonna have to attack ya now, eh?” This is based on repeated viewings of How I Met Your Mother, which I can only assume is based on real life. Bieber defended himself by kicking the dude until his bodyguards rushed in, which was of course very, very quickly. TMZ got photos (above) and below:

justin bieber attack

They really know how to get the best Bieber pics. And here’s some more info from our TMZ comrades:

It all went down at 3 am today at a Toronto nightclub. Sources on scene tell us JB left his safe VIP section to mingle with the regular folk — and that’s when a male clubgoer charged at him, got hold of his shirt (which he was wearing) and attempted to take him down, but failed.

‘Cause he was like, “Baby, baby, baby, no.”

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