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Kevin and Danielle Jonas Are Having a Little Girl

kevin jonas danielle jonas

Kevin and Danielle Jonas – whose marriage exists solely for the purpose of… I don’t know, religion? An E! reality series? a case of extreme bearding? – announced last month that they’re expecting their first child together, which was slightly surprising but generally good news. Well, because so many people are so interested in this (uh… sure), they’ve now revealed that the small human growing in Danielle’s womb is a little girl.

Here’s what Kevin posted on Instagram:

I must say, that Paintshop addition of the pink hair bow is a lovely touch. But what if she’s a tomboy, Kevin? What if she doesn’t want your frilly pink headbands?!

Yeah,  I don’t know where I’m going with that, either. In all seriousness , congrats to the er… happy (?) couple. Babies are cute and squishy, so enjoy.

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