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Kelly Clarkson Is Going To Elope Because She’s Pretty Busy

kelly clarkson wedding gown

Kelly Clarkson is engaged to some dude named Brandon Blackstock and they’ve been talking about psyched they are to have a huge wedding. But then Clarkson realized, oh this is a lot of work and I’ve got a busy schedule, let’s elope instead. Whatever, works for me. It’s not like I would have been invited. From People:

We are so busy that we finally just came to terms the other night and were like, ‘So, we change our minds and we want to elope.’ We just got so overwhelmed by it – all the decisions. We sent out a save-the-date to everyone and then it got crazy and all the details were leaking. Then honestly the planning – I have a Christmas record coming out. I’m doing a bunch of stuff with State Farm right now (the singer is teaming up with the insurance company to educate kids about safe driving). We have two kids who just started school. We’re going to all these football games and soccer games and volleyball games and [Brandon]’s got one of the biggest artists [Blake Shelton] in country music. He’s flying everywhere.

They let their guests know by sending an engagement photo that read, “Thank you so much for understanding, but it’s just going to be me and Brandon and his two kids and the minister.”

I think we’re gonna be fine.

Anyone here elope? Why and how did it go?

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