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7It’s Your Fault Chris Brown Had A Seizure

chris brown

You know, just when I try to be a decent human being, Chris Brown goes and does something to show what a royal dickhead he is and makes me regret ever being civil (if not far too kind to this scumbag). That’s right – after suffering a seizure at a Los Angeles recording studio the other day, Chris is blaming the incident on… well, you and me. You see, we’re all just far too mean to him and all the “negativity” made him ill. Wait, what’s that sound… can you hear it? Shh… listen:


Here’s a statement from his reps via The Hollywood Reporter:

“Chris suffered a nonepileptic seizure (NES). … His doctor tended to him this afternoon and attributes the NES to intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. How about the drugs? The self-induced stress from being an abusive, homophobic, violent asshole? Take some responsibility for your own life, idiot. I have to stop here because I cannot with this guy.

August 11, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Jennifer
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7 Responses to “It’s Your Fault Chris Brown Had A Seizure”

  1. louie louie says:

    That’s kind of funny because I blame Chris Brown for my seizures? He’s an asshole for blaming ppl I wonder if that means I’m an asshole too? Oh well

  2. CranAppleSnapple says:

    The doctor proudly displays his diploma from DeVry as he recites his medical notes in his mama’s garage.

  3. blasted1 says:

    If I were to blame for inducing a seizure in Chris Brown, you can believe it would be a seizure that would put him 6 feet under.

  4. Jeezz says:

    we should start a countdown until he retires.

  5. kimcheee says:

    Abusers often paint themselves as the victim and blame their victims for controlling them. This is just an extension of his wife beating ways. What a stupid little child this man is.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please stop you people are going to kill him !!! Booo Hooo Hooo. ahahahhahaha

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