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Chris Brown Is “Over” Beating Rihanna, Wishes Everyone Else Would Be Too

chris brown court

Chris Brown, ugh. Loves to whine, loves to complain, loves to make excuses. He doesn’t see it that way, of course. He thinks we’re all dicks for not forgetting that he beat a woman until her face turned purple. Here’s what he tweeted today:

chris brown twitter

chris brown twitter

That would be fantastic, thanks.

He’s all pissy because he had to go to jail yesterday for a hit-and-run. He wasn’t held on bail and he was let go and the whole thing took 45 minutes, and the hit-and-run was all his fault. Again, not going to feel sorry for you for making poor decisions when you should know better. He’s bringing up this whole thing he’s apparently so “cool” and “over” because the hit-and-run is a violation of his probation, the one he’s on for attacking Rihanna, so pooooooor Chris Brown. It is so, so tacky to complain people won’t forgive you, in any situation. Forgiveness isn’t a right.

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  • I doubt Chris Brown thinks about what he did to Rihanna at all. He’s just a low-life who continues to prove how clueless he is. His fans are one notch below him.

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