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Did Justin Bieber Lip Sync His Entire Concert?

justin bieber

Justin Bieber performed at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on Wednesday night – or rather, he “performed”, if reports are correct. Apparently he lip synced his entire concert and seemed all strung out and people are none too happy about it. Here’s a hint: don’t go to a Justin Bieber concert with high hopes.

From WENN:

Justin Bieber has fallen foul of music critics who have branded his performance in New Jersey on Wednesday “sluggish”, “bored” and “lazy” and accused him of lip-syncing large portions of the show. The teenage superstar took to the stage at the Prudential Center in Newark as part of his ongoing Believe world tour, but his lacklustre performance prompted criticism from reviewers in the audience.

Mesfin Fekadu of the Associated Press has written a scathing report about Bieber’s show, insisting the singer was “not in pop star form”, while also accusing him of lip-syncing most of his songs and failing to keep up with his dancers. He writes, “He seemed to be lip-syncing and his sluggish, lazy dancing didn’t match the oomph of the beats… Bieber phoned in a good amount during his show; at some moments, he even appeared bored. He was clocking in – another day, another sold-out concert… When performing the hit Beauty and a Beat, he couldn’t keep up with his background dancers.

“He was lip-syncing again… During She Don’t Like the Lights, Bieber barely moved to the track’s futuristic beat (maybe it was the leather tights?).”
Chris Jordan of local newspaper the Asbury Park Press was also disappointed with the 19 year old’s performance, insisting the star did not deliver during the few moments of the show when he actually attempted to sing.

He writes, “As for Bieber the performer, well, there’s not a whole lot to believe in. His voice is thin and reedy… Unfortunately, his dancing isn’t any better than his singing. His turns are loose and his body control is sloppy. He seemed divided as to whether he should join his team of dancers full force or just let them do most of the work.”

LOL, I love that it surprises people that he would lip sync and that he’s all strung out, considering the fact that he thinks he’s a thug now and smokes weed 24/7 and drinks and pisses in buckets and blahhhhhhhhhksajfljdkfj… Sorry, my head just fell onto my keyboard with boredom over this asshole.

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  • I read a news article this morning that over 100,000 people are applying for a one way trip to Mars to colonize the planet and never come home. Not kidding, google it. Anybody with me to take up a petition and/or collection to cram this little douchebag in the luggage hold of whatever vehicle takes them to Mars?

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