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Sharon Osbourne Calls Bullshit On Justin Bieber’s Tough Guy Act

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Justin Bieber thinks he’s a mini thug, but anyone with any common sense knows that this is bullshit. Thankfully, Sharon Osbourne actually had the balls to come out and say that publicly… which, of course she did. Sharon doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks, least of all some temperamental teenager who thinks it’s cool to piss in buckets and spit in people’s faces.

From The Daily Beast:

I feel really bad for him. There’s this little kid with a huge dream, he’s cute, girls love him, and he wants to be a mean boy, and he’s about as mean as a fuckin’ kitten, and he’s trying to act out. It’s like pissing in a bucket. It’s like, “Oh, we’re the bad boys!” Fuck off! You don’t know what bad is. And I think that he’s lost, I really do. I think he doesn’t realize he’s white and not black, that’s a huge problem. And, at the point he’s at in his career, it’s so dangerous because we’ve seen it all before a million times. Where do you go when you’re a child entertainer and then you want to transition to be a man? Very few make it.

I don’t feel bad for Justin at all, just for the record. I think he’s an entitled fucking prick whose mother should have told him more often that he’s NOT a special snowflake and needs to learn how to respect other people, their property, etc. However, I agree he has no idea what “bad” is. He has people around him who humour him because he pays them to do so, and that’s the end of it.

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  • He is like a 3 year old throwing tantrums and acting irresponsibly. His emotional and mental maturity is in the single digits despite his big boy double digit age.

  • “I think he doesn’t realize he’s white and not black, that’s a huge problem.”

    You see nothing wrong with that statement?

  • So if he was black and acting a damn fool that would be ok with Sharon cause that’s just acting the way things are supposed to be. Was Ozzie acting black back in the day? I guess Paris Hilton, Mylie Cyrus, and Lindsay Lohan think they’re black too.

  • If I ever meet JB (which I hope I never will)
    I will storm right up to him and shout “NEVER!” in his face.