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Supermodels Are Just Like Us: They Hate To Work Out

helene christensen red magazine

Love love LOVE IT when celebrities cheerfully admit to hating having to workout. ESPECIALLY when it’s a model or supermodel admitting it. Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Helena Christensen, 44, told Red magazine that while she never worked out in her younger modeling days, she has to now — and she hates it. From Red via Daily Mail:

Now I exercise. I walk there sighing and the hour goes soooo slowly. Like literally, I do a lot of exercises and look up at the clock and seven minutes have passed!

And like Sharon Stone, she’s not going to get a bunch of plastic surgery anytime soon.

There’s a fine line between it looking alright and looking freaky. That’s what holds me back. Can you imagine waking up after having something done and realising they had done just that tiny speck too much? I think the best thing is to get dimmers on your lights and, when they don’t work, switch to candles!


WORK OUT POST: Do you guys regularly exercise? What do you do?

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  • I work out every day and love it. I become a horrible person if I don’t get my daily training in. I personally love Crossfit and lifting weights (which, contrary to people’s opinion won’t make you bulky if you’re a woman…I have found it’s accentuated my curves)

    I think the key is to find something you love doing…that’s really the only thing that will keep you doing it. Whether it’s Crossfit, weight lifting, running, dancing, aerobics classes…find whatever it is you enjoy otherwise it WILL be a chore and you will find excuses not to go. Training doesn’t have to be a chore

  • I run almost every single day. I have run 1,100 miles in the last 13/14 months. I’m looking forward to my first full marathon in October. It’s getting tougher now because I’m in San Antonio, TX and we’re having record high temperatures. It was 105 here yesterday, with a heat index near 110. I can’t be a gym rat, I have to get outside.

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