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Look, Everyone, It’s Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan hasn’t done much lately. Though I’m sure she’s done a slew of straight to Netflix films over these past years, all I can remember her doing lately is an atrocious film called Serious Moonlight in 2009 in which she plays a wife who flips out when she finds out her husband is cheating, so she holds him hostage by duct taping him to the toilet. So really, anything she’s done since is an upgrade.

She doesn’t go out and about much, so I thought we could all take a gander at these photos of her from the Taormina Filmfest in Italy that were taken yesterday. Yeah, she’s still doing stuff to her face. Oh well.

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  • Oh look its Meg who? Getting what? Where? Yeah, I thought so……who cares…poor Meg and she thinks if she keeps doing shit to her face it will help…help what? Yeah I thought so……

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  • If you’ve got nothing intelligent to say, then just keep quiet. She actually did an interview with like 200 young students and DID have intelligent things to say.

    Oh but I guess how someone looks is all that matters these days, no? Yeah I thought so……

  • She looks like she’s maybe one facelift away from being able to blink her lips. And it’s a damned shame because she was always gorgeous.

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