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Nick Cannon Seems a Little Too Obsessed with Amanda Bynes Lately

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I know Nick Cannon used to star with Amanda Bynes on All That because I read that in an article a while back (I have zero memory of him on that show) and it’s fine that he’s commented on Amanda’s breakdown once or twice because that’s what people do. However, it seems like he’s sorta taking shit to the next level and won’t shut up about it, even going so far as to release an open letter on his official website offering his support (despite being knocked back by her before when he offered).

When a person is told all of their life that they are awesome, the best, the greatest and they are catered to every moment of the day. Imagine being the breadwinner in your household before you can even drive. Imagine you parents, teachers, and employers NEVER telling you NO. Anything you ask for or want, the world gives you, at some point you are bound to self-destruct. I call this “access to excess”. I’ve seen it happen to many of my friends and colleagues young and old. It goes back to that old saying; “Too much of anything is bad for anyone”. Whether it’s fame, money, sex, drugs, attention. It’s all a dangerous addiction. When there is no balance in your life a person will always become victim to their reality or lack thereof. The question is, when this destruction occurs, who is there to help put back the pieces. What do you do when you have no solid support system? When you feel like your friends are talking behind your back. When you feel like your co-workers are jealous and out to competitively sabotage you. When you feel your family has turned your back on you. When you feel like you parents have a conditional appreciation for you and only really love your money. You find yourself alone in that dark hole. Then you have to rely on your own devices once again in this vulnerable state. You become paranoid, frantic, manic, irrational because you can bounce your thoughts or ideas off of anyone anymore. Your reality no longer allows you to reason with the world, so you try to break through to get back to what you think is common ground.

I mean, this is just PART of the diatribe Nick wrote – he seriously put together about 2,000 words on the subject. I can’t tell you it’s “worth the read” because it’s nothing that common sense won’t tell you, but I suppose someone will care about it? Here’s the thing, bro: if people are asking you – someone who starred with Amanda on a kids show over a decade ago – about her life now, you can pretty much figure that no one’s really interested in you or what you’re doing and that’s the bigger concern. I think his heart is in the right place and he does seem like a genuinely nice guy, but come on, man. Move on.

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      • You really are though, and not even a clever one. How would you feel if an old friend of yours went insane and had no one to lean on? Amanda Bynes lost her mind. She’s gone. She’s probably never going to be normal again and she has no friends. He’s being a good person by reaching out to her.

        You always find a way to insult people no matter what they do, and it’s getting boring. Every time I read an article that rubs me the wrong way, sure enough, Jenifer wrote it. Get over yourself.

  • I feel you may be thinking too much about it – it’s a good message, no matter who it is directed to. Think of how many child stars we have seen crash and burn over the years? Too many, sadly!

    I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with people showing support for one another, whether or not they’ve been “knocked back” by that person. We need more people in this world who are willing to hold out a hand, even if it’s slapped away, in order to help someone. There’s enough negativity and people out there who will try and bring you down – let’s not be snarky about a guy who is trying to help someone else.

  • What he wrote here is better than anything I’ve read on this site. I also think you’re missing the point. Of course what he was saying is common sense, but the point is that someone like Amanda Bynes who’s been in that situation isn’t going to be able to see that as common sense. That’s the entire issue here.

  • Seems like he’s addressing his own experiences/issues/past demons…her going through it could have triggered his own memories and made him want to talk about it.