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Nick Cannon Feels “Sad” For Amanda Bynes, Boo Hoo

nick cannon amanda bynes

Poor Nick Cannon. He seems like an okay guy but he’s always playing second fiddle to, you know, actual celebrities. He’s Mariah Carey‘s husband. He’s Amanda Bynes‘ former co-star. He’s the host of America’s Got Talent, too, yeah, but… I wouldn’t exactly call that an illustrious gig.

In any case, he worked with Amanda on All That (SO don’t remember him on that show) and started reflecting on her recent meltdown during an interview on The Howard Stern Show this week.

“That’s like my little sister. To see someone you’ve seen at 9, you know she was running around with a snotty nose and now to see her like that, it’s like wow, man. It’s sad.

“[Amanda] doesn’t have any of her people anymore and it’s sad because what happens… you get to a point in this industry where you feel like all the people that have been around you, you can no longer trust them.

“You get caught up in your own head and you start believing your own s**t and then that’s where it goes all bad because there’s no one there to create balance… And if there’s someone who really does care for you, you don’t trust that person. You think that person’s out to get you or out to get your money and when that person is your parent, that’s way crazy.”

I mean, some inside scoop I got was that basically when Amanda was with Kid Cudi, he got her addicted to drugs, spent a shit ton of her money and beat her a lot but for some reason, Amanda was still sprung. Then he broke up with her and she’s spiraled ever since. That’s how abusive relationships thrive, though – the abuser makes you cut yourself off from all your family and friends and people who care about you so they can’t put a stop to that.

Now, unfortunately, I’m pretty sure she has zero friends and surrounds herself with enablers. It’s definitely a shame, but maybe people should stop doing interviews about it and ACTUALLY reach out to her or try to do something more. I know you can’t help people unless they want to be helped, but it seems kinda in bad taste to be getting attention by discussing someone else’s breakdown that you’re not willing to help try and stop. If she’s truly like Nick’s little sister (newsflash: she’s not), he wouldn’t be discussing her on the radio, he’d be reaching out to her personally.

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