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Attention Shailene Woodley Fans: She Had Sex On Screen and Really Wants You To See It


Shailene Woodley – apparently beloved by all at Evil Beet – is in a new movie called The Spectacular Now in which she appears in a sex scene that’s apparently her favourite thing ever because of its ~authenticity~. Filmed with co-star Miles Teller, the scene is awesome because it’s “so real”, Shailene told the ladies of The View last week:

“It’s my favorite scene in the whole movie because it is so real. The audience does feel uncomfortable watching it, because it almost feels like you’re invading somebody’s privacy.

“There’s not fancy music playing and there’s not any exaggeration of what it’s like to be intimate with somebody for possibly the first time. It’s also just a minute-long shot of us making love.”

Welp, let it be known that there’s nothing I hate more than the world “lovemaking”. It sends shivers down my spine, and not in a good way. We’ve all done it, sure, and it may well be tender and romantic and all that (or the total opposite, depending on what you’re into), but the expression itself… no. Maybe that’s the immature part of me, but it rubs me the wrong way (no pun intended), on the level of “moist” and “panties”.

Can we go back to talking about Divergent?

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  • Oh my god, that last paragraph could have been written by me! I thought I was the only one who hated those terms!

  • I really hate when people refer to each other as “lover”, unless it’s jokingly like Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch on SNL. My lovah.

    “Make love to me”.. yeah… I’ll never get it.

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