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Amanda Bynes Won’t Face Charges For Starting a Fire In That Lady’s Driveway

amanda bynes

Things with Amanda Bynes seem to have finally come to a head – after trying to sneak into an old person’s home and subsequently starting a fire in the driveway of one’s home, she was finally taken in on a 5150 hold and may even be facing a conservatorship now due to her severe mental illness. I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs, finally – and lucky for her, she won’t have to deal with criminal charges for the fire, either.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … prosecutors will NOT charge Amanda with trespass, arson or any other criminal offense in connection with Monday’s bizarre driveway blaze.  We’re told cops and prosecutors view her conduct as non-criminal and rooted in mental illness.  We’re told the cops almost immediately decided Amanda needed professional help — not punishment.

But the troubled star is not out of the woods.  She faces DUI charges in L.A. and reckless endangerment and pot charges in NYC.

It’s always tough to see someone get SO low that they have to be sectioned, but this was a very long time coming. Her behaviour was too erratic and out of control, and when a person is that unpredictable, it can be scary because they might harm other people… or themselves. She’s in deep shit with everything as it is, but at least this isn’t another strike against her, I suppose.