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That Stupid Drake/Chris Brown Lawsuit Has Been Dropped

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Drake and Chris Brown have never gotten along very well – Rihanna is a divisive force, I suppose – but things came to a head at the WiP nightclub last June when a fight broke out between the two and Chris got a busted face from someone throwing a bottle or something and some bystanders got “injured”. Of course people want to cash in on anything they can, which is why WiP’s neighbour, Greenhouse, tried to sue both stars for $16 million for “damaging its reputation”. Uh, perhaps the damage is that no one has heard of your damn club to begin with.

Thankfully, a judge called bullshit on this whole thing and dismissed the case when Drake pointed out that he was under no obligation to protect any club’s reputation. A simple enough defense, but a pretty valid one. I would have pointed out the fact that no one gives a shit about Greenhouse either and that even WiP wasn’t suing the stars and it was THEIR club the fight happened in. People need to sit down.

From TMZ:

As we reported, Brown and Drake were sued for $16 million by Entertainment Enterprises, the company behind Greenhouse nightclub in NYC.

Greenhouse is adjacent to W.i.P nightclub — where Chris and Drake’s entourages got into a massive bottle-throwing brawl last June — and EE said their reputation took a massive hit following the ordeal because of its proximity to Greenhouse. EE said the brawl cost them a lot of money.

Drake responded to the lawsuit, saying it wasn’t his problem — because he can’t control how the media reported the incident — and this week, the judge in the case took his side.

The judge said Drake and Chris had no duty to the club to behave — especially because their brawl didn’t even occur on Greenhouse’s premises —  and while nightclub brawls are unfortunate, they’re not uncommon … which means EE can’t just sue whenever a fight happens.
The lawsuit was tossed out.

God, people will do anything they can to make a dime.

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