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Rihanna Forked Out $5k For Showing Up 4 Hours Late To A High School Concert


Rihanna has a really hard time getting to places on time, what with all the Instagramming and weed smoking she’s got to do (and I say that as a Rihanna fan). She’s a star, okay? It’s called “fashionably late”. Only “fashionably late” is like, 15 minutes max (I hate anyone who is late any amount of time, it’s rude as hell) and not… four hours. However, four hours is exactly how late she was to a performance at Barrington High School in Chicago back in March. A student at the school won the concert via Ri’s Shine Bright Like A Diamond competition and everyone was super pumped, to the point where Barrington even spent a few grand hiring a security team for the event, only for Rihanna to leave them hanging for hours. Lovely.

Now, she’s finally sent the school $5,000 to make up for the inconvenience – a gesture for which the school is pretty grateful but seems sorta paltry to me because hello, she’s rich! $5k is like pocket change to her.

Here’s what school spokesman Jeff Arnett (they have a spokesman!) told The Daily Herald:

“We’re certainly gratified to receive a contribution from her.

“Even though this $5,000 gift has been long in coming, her management communicated with us immediately after the event and said she wanted to do something for the students.

“It didn’t take any coaxing or pleading by the district. It was something they offered to do, and it took a while to work through the book-keeping process.”

Well, okay, I guess it’s better than nothing, really. But you know what’s even better than that? SHOWING UP ON TIME. I mean, come on. Apparently while the kids were waiting, Rihanna’s management team handed out free concert tickets, signed merchandise and the like. They must’ve been so pissed that she couldn’t just be where she was supposed to. Lord, people.

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