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Nicki Minaj Has Great Advice On How To Treat Your Man

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I’ve been a fan of Nicki Minaj for years, back since the mix tape days, but she sorta lost me a bit over the past couple of years. However, she recently won me over again after an interview she gave at Hot 97, during which she revealed that she’s done with the pop and ready to get back to her rap roots. That’s obviously not why she won me over (though it doesn’t hurt) – what did remind me of just why I loved Nicki from the beginning is how smart and straightforward she is and how unwilling she is to let anyone talk her down or make her feel small – especially not men. Get it, girl.

Anyhow, the point off all that is that Nicki gave a hilarious interview to Marie Claire in which she offered advice to fans on how to best handle men (via US Weekly):

“Don’t chase any man. Put your school first,” she advises. “Men love independent women. You don’t have to be a bitch, but there’s nothing wrong with it at times. And: Men are kids at heart. They want to be nourished and pet like a dog.”

That’s great advice. I have friends now, even at nearly 30, who are so desperate for a relationship that they come off as absolutely desperate and go for men who are terrible for them and make all kinds of excuses just so that they’re not alone. The best, most attractive thing is, incidentally, doing your own thing. As for the whole being pet like a dog thing, that’s obviously not really my forte. Gentlemen…?

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  • Nicki Minaj is worthless. She’ll either wind up with a milquetoast guy (like JLo and her bad-tattoo back-up dancer) or some guy who is smarter than her who plays her and grabs whatever money/fame he can latch onto.

    She’s never struck me as being too bright.

  • Nicki minaj and smart DO NOT go together. If you said nicki and no talent whore, then you would be right

  • This is actually good advice. I believe men love to be treated like puppies–rubbed (petted), fed, and played with. Niki may be an industry idiot but sounds like she knows how to make her lover happy. Why are people so against making their lover feel safe, warm, and happy at all times. That’s the “work” no one wants to do. I know that when you give good love–you get good love.