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Ciara and Nicki Minaj’s ‘I’m Out’ “Leaks” Online

I doubt a leak is ever unintentional these days, but let’s play along and say that Ciara‘s new track ‘I’m Out’, which features Nicki Minaj, has hit the internet and we’re all surprised because we weren’t supposed to hear it yet. How do these things happen, gosh darnit? It wasn’t ready yet!!!

The track will appear on Ciara’s upcoming self-titled collection and is the follow up to her first single, ‘Body Party’, which wasn’t all that great. It’s been a long while since Ciara really had a killer track (‘Ride It’ being probably the most recent), and her feud with Rihanna won’t help, but bless her heart, she’s trying.

What do you think of ‘I’m Out’? Forgettable? Possibly a grower? Total snoozefest?