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So, Randy Travis Isn’t Doing Too Well

randy travis

I haven’t heard much about Randy Travis… well, ever, except didn’t he date Julia Roberts once? No, that was Lyle Lovett. Sorry. Anyway, this is about Randy and the fact that he’s currently in critical condition at a Texas hospital with a serious heart infection. Oh no!

Randy, 54, is experiencing complications from his “recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy”, a viral infection which causes a weakening of the heart muscles. No word on his prognosis or any further details, but here’s hoping he’s okay.  He’s been having a tough few years what with overturning his pick-up truck and getting in fights in church parking lots and the like.

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  • Why are you so nasty all the time? It seems like this site is getting less and less about fun celeb fluff and more and more about your bitterness about, well, everything. It isn’t fun snarky-ness, it just reads like you’re a miserable person.

  • I agree with Miss Yvonne. Maybe you don’t listen to country music, maybe you are just too young to remember him. but Randy Travis hit the Country music scene hard and fast. The sudden rise to fame was tough for him to adjust to. He does have a checkered past and substance abuse issues, but so what? Would you have had the same attitude about Curt Coban, Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, or any of the multitude of artists that have had issues Who doesn’t have issues? Bringing up all that bad crap and acting like he isn’t worth a mention just because you don’t know or care who he is was in really bad taste. Just because you said “hope he gets better” means nothing, because as Miss Yvonne said, it was stated in a snarky manner. I don’t wish illness or death on anyone and it doesn’t matter if I know them or not. Where is your compassion, empathy? Loose the attitude and just report the celebrity news. Nobody is impressed with your attitude. Someday you may want a real job, writing for a real magazine or paper, and if this is the kind of piece you have to show in your portfolio, well, I would start putting the applications in at McDonalds. Nuff said.

  • I remember when he first started singing. His deep voice blew me away. My husband died from this same thing on 08/21/12 at the UAB Hospital.. He was 53 years old. He was very sick and in the Heart and Lung transplant CUI unit for almost 5mo and had so many surgeries. We were at the hospital 50% of the time until his death. By the time he pasted we had lost almost everything due to the high cost, but I am just glad I had time with him and cherished every moment we had. I feel bad for anyone and their family that are going through this. Please stop hated on people that already have so much to deal with. Sometimes just breathing without him is hard. I can’t sleep right anymore, I dream sad dreams about his illness. I am not sure I will ever feel true happiness again. I wish the best for anyone dealing with this illness.

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