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Randy Travis’s Pickup Truck Found on Its Side

photo of randy travis truck pictures
So, we’ve been talking about Randy Travis for a minute now, what with all of his alcohol-related infractions that have resulted in police custody (nude) and busted-up mugshots and church parking lot altercations, and now? Police in a Texas town have confirmed that a wrecked pickup truck found on its side in a field belongs to Randy Travis. A rep for Travis, however, claims that the country singer hasn’t used that truck in “months,” which is pretty damn convenient if you ask me.

Based on what I’m hearing, Randy never reported the truck stolen all of those “months” ago, and no incident reports involving the truck had been filed either. Which means that Randy definitely flipped his truck (probably recently), and his rep is doing damage control to stop the story from spinning out of control (which was probably what happened to the truck when its operator decided that it’d be a good idea to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and go off-roading. While fighting. And stripping).

Let’s just be good and honest for a second, OK? When you’ve got tons and tons of money, why would you not report that the truck was missing (for insurance purposes), or at the very least, get it towed after “someone” wrecked it? Why would you just leave it sitting in a field for it to eventually be found and traced back to you? Come on.

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  • Perhaps he understands his career is waning and thinks a little prison time will give him that needed edge to become relevant once again…. Either that or its the old adage of: Shit happens when you party nekkid..

  • Maybe he was so drunk he forgot about the truck and rolling it and leaving his pants and fighting and generally being a dumb-ass!