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Don’t Worry, David and Victoria Beckham Are More In Love Than Ever

david beckham victoria beckham

Take a gander at these two – can’t you almost see the little cartoon hearts floating out of their ears because they’re so in love with each other? God, I’m surprised they’re not going at it right then and there – they clearly can’t keep their hands off each other! I kid, of course – long term relationships mean love is displayed differently, and guess what – David and Victoria Beckham still have plenty of it to go around. And by around I mean between them. They’re still in love, okay, guys? After 14 years of marriage and 4 kids (and at least one affair on David’s part, but let’s not even go there), they’re really hitting their stride!

From Closer mag (via DS):

According to a friend, Victoria has been gushing about their relationship, saying: “This is the first time for a long time that we’re not Mummy and Daddy, it’s like when we first started dating.

“It’s been a long time since we had this much fun together. I’ve got my husband back.”

A source said to Closer: “David and Victoria are more in love than ever.

“They’re in a new, exciting phase of their married life; David’s not tied to a football team now and Victoria’s career has reached a new platform as she prepares to establish herself in China.”

LOL “as she prepares to establish herself in China”? The fuck is that all about? I mean, I know what she’s talking about, but seriously? Anyhow, uh, best of luck to them, I suppose. They do make a good couple and 14 years is a lot – especially in football player/celebrity in general years. Happy times for all!