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Bad News For Stacy Keibler’s Career: She And Clooney May Have Broken Up

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George Clooney has been living with Stacy Keibler and doing it with her for a while now, since 2011. Stacy Keibler is known for doing it with George Clooney. Yeah, she came from the WWE, but let’s be real, that’s not why she’s famous. She was also on Dancing with the Stars. Because she does it with George Clooney. Do you see where I’m going with this? Her career is based on her doing it with George Clooney. So if the rumors are true, that they broke up or that they’re heading for a break up, she’s screwed. And not by George Clooney. Because he won’t be screwing her anymore. Did I spell this out enough? I like to really break it down.

But according to The Los Angeles Times, Ms. Keibler is the one who broke it off. Yeah, okay. I guess she feels she can ride the success of Lifetime’s Supermarket Superstar, a TV show she’s currently shooting. The LA Times does state though that there are a few stories out there that debate their current status and who did what.

According to People and Britain’s Sunday People, the two have called it quits after about two years of dating — meaning Clooney is once again a single man, a status the debonair leading man seems to enjoy.

But then there’s TMZ, which said the couple are still living together but having “trouble in paradise” due to schedules that are keeping the two apart.

Keibler, 33, was the one who called it off, according to People. They “quietly stopped being a couple” a few weeks ago. “She wants to have children and a family someday. She knows where George stands on that,” a source close to the couple.

Britain’s Sunday People (via the Daily Mirror) told a slightly different story, quoting an insider who said, “George is quietly backing away from the relationship. It’s ­always the same. As soon as he feels a woman is getting too close he pulls back.”

Yeah, the Daily Mirror is reporting this, but I don’t care if a dolphin is reporting it, I believe 100% that George Clooney is the one doing the breaking up.

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